Matthew Bull

Full-Stack / React / Mobile / Web Developer

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Hi, I'm Matt.

That's me on the right, pictured with my assistant Hugo on the left.

I've been writing software for more than 20 years for platforms from mainframe to mobile and everything in between.

I bring strong foundational knowledge and diversity of experience together to build high-quality software, working across the stack.

These days I'm all about the React framework. The productivity it brings, combined with the range of platforms it targets, is a winner in my book.

20+ years

Comprehensive software experience


One-stop-shop for a complete solution

100% success rate

Starting is easy. Finishing is hard.

Recent Projects

Themesberg office


A Progressive Web App built with React + Node.js + Express + PostgreSQL.

Designer desk

Stomp Sessions

A React Native mobile app (iOS + Android) for a digital learning platform.

Themesberg office

Xfinity Stream for Smart TVs

A JavaScript DOM + WebGL Interactive Program Guide app for LG and Samsung smart TVs.